Daily Horoscope 07 February 2021 Sunday

Your Daily horoscope 07 February 2021 Sunday. Love, work or health: what is written in the stars today? What does your personal daily horoscope reveal?


Finally free to move and travel

Finally free, say the ordinances, to move at least within the region, to spend the weekend wherever you like, certainly in rural areas or far away, because nature, after your loved ones, is the great love. Pleasant to share the adventure with your partner, the puppets or with a couple of friends, like you who love the outdoors and challenge. Be careful not to combine nonsense, however, and here we do not mean only tumbles, perhaps the furtive cottarella that creeps between already tested couples, creating havoc. Expenses above budget, but for something or someone to care a lot… this and more!

FOR HER: avoid getting caught with a friend just because of a small loan, her to you or you to her … a sum so small that it does not deserve to break up a friendship … feelings are worth more than money!

FOR HIM: with friends you share projects, ideals and political beliefs, but be careful not to get carried away by the psychology of the group, you are thinking heads and with yours you have to continue to cultivate opinions and make decisions, if they then coincide with the rest of the group well, otherwise patience!



PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 8, activities: 8, finances: 7, well-being: 7.

Aries Horoscope Today 07 February 2021 Sunday


Introspective Sunday making plans

Nothing in fact this Sunday, even if your guiding star Uranus bursts within you, demanding action and strong emotions. Keep it good, the Moon does not allow, by openly quarreling with Neptune, the star of the creative imagination, plus your splendid projects, labeled the Sun, Mercury and Venus at the zenith, need external supports: think of doing everything yourself, on your part it would be pure presumption! Small secrets revealed by a person you know very well, but this time you have made a mistake in calculating: time a few days and your affairs will be in the public domain … steps if they concern only you, but if they also bring up others and maybe work matters, the embarrassment will touch mind-boggling levels!

FOR HER: respite, moreover spent badly, and tomorrow we start again with another week, you will shiver at the very thought … come on, the much-talked-about restart costs and if you want to be protagonists, roll up your sleeves!

FOR HIM: arguing with your girlfriend for reasons that still elude you, jealousy of course but there is more, she can’t stand your friends and the adventures you are planning together, for men only of course … but she dances however the wink!

COLOR OF EMOTIONS: electric blue.


PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 5, activities: 7, finances: 6, well-being: 6.

Taurus Horoscope Today 07 February 2021 Sunday


Shock the beautiful Venus who ruins your day

What a fool the beautiful Venus could treat herself to and give you a perfect Sunday, arm in arm with the Sun and Mercury, all in the sign of Air in trine to yours and instead starts quarreling loudly with Uranus, who immediately changes the plans for day, creating a flood of complications. As if that were not enough, the malmostosa Moon also descends on the field, conflicting with the chaotic Neptune, and here is the picture of this unsuccessful Sunday: walking in nature you risk crooked and tumbles, at home to get fatally bored, attacking trouble to kill time with your better half. Sweet? A paradox, think of all the spices you have in the kitchen, mix them and swallow a handful … well, the impression is the same as she makes you every time she opens her mouth! Maybe a nice little trip would placate the hot spirits of both, so why not start thinking about it now that the restrictions are being relaxed … hopefully lasting? This is precisely the point, which makes you greedy for information: every morning take a look at the newspapers around the world, information and counter-information therefore, from which to draw the sums … trusting is good, but not trusting is better!

FOR HER: it is also an imaginary rivalry, but the dear little person, moreover also handsome, who shares dreams, aspirations, projects with your him, moves in your sky like a loose cannon and you who fear the unexpected are already terrified: useless to talk about it, you would shoot yourself in the foot!

FOR HIM: maybe you met yours in high school, or at university, same cultural level, same interests and passions: so what is this strange restlessness that shakes your heart? All too perfect, to seem fake … it takes a switch!

COLOR OF EMOTIONS: milky white.


PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 6, activities: 6, finances: 7, well-being: 8.

Gemini Horoscope Today 07 February 2021 Sunday


Sunday, but he works all the same

Sunday, a day created for rest, but the precept does not apply to you, who today are busy with urgent tasks, work hard anyway, either by shift in the company or on their own, by choice of person, it seems… in reality, imposed by circumstances. The exalted Moon in the sixth house is valid, the one that speaks of work, in open conflict with your friend Neptune, who instead, stirring you up in great secret, would like to take you to the mountains or to the sea, after so much imprisonment only the idea of ​​filling himself with it. eyes also widens your heart, and this is where the Hamletic doubt arises, to be or not to be? Or rather… go or stay? Small secrets of the heart come to the surface in spite of you, the usual chatty friend who opens his mouth without thinking, usually only making trouble … at the height of embarrassment, you shy away, but now your sweet emotions are in the public domain! Social merciless and so indiscreet as to make you regret the times of censorship … when everything was put on the index, but don’t say that you regret them … otherwise you should call a psychiatrist urgently!

FOR HER: always committed to the ecological front, and now that there is more freedom of movement, take the opportunity to do something good for Mother Nature: freeing the parks from waste for example or taking care of strays, there is so much need for help that people do not even imagine it, and so it continues to doze in its vortex of pollution!

FOR HIM: it is useless for you to take care of your physical health in an obsessive way if you do not also take care of the mental and soul one, you are clearly upside down but if you cannot identify the cause, it will be like trying to empty the sea with a spoon!

COLOR OF EMOTIONS: petrol green.


PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 7, activities: 7, finances: 8, well-being: 6.

Cancer Horoscope Today 07 February 2021 Sunday


You don’t get caught in public

What a fate, every time you are free from commitments and you could chat amiably and do something much more pleasant, with your partner you end up pecked: your fault, of course, but also of the stars, who today manipulate you like puppets … Hysterical Uranus at the zenith and the trio Sun-Mercury-Venus in opposition, it is true that a sign like yours, accustomed to dominating and provided with free will should not succumb to the whims of heaven, but if as Dante writes “the sky begins your movements”, it will be always him to give the light to your fights. It is essential that the puppets, symbolized by the candid and confident Moon, should not be affected: invent specifically for them playful or instructive activities, however fun, maybe you will discover along the way that you are having fun too … and then that bad mood will go away, giving up the step to a nice smile. Admit it, you love your half apple very much and even if today it seems more like a grapefruit or a pineapple than an apple, you still love it … far from family interference and from those gossips who are mother-in-law and mommy, always in league with each other and both against you!

FOR HER: the desire for a baby bump is there but you must admit that this is not the time, the social and health situation is still chaotic, political tensions with repercussions also on the family and the couple … at least wait for the waters to calm down first!

FOR HIM: nervous about the progress of the company that currently does not run, but you cannot pour your problems on those who love you and do their utmost to help you … at least appreciate what they do!

COLOR OF EMOTIONS: electric blue.


PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 8, activities: 5, finances: 6, well-being: 6.

Leo Horoscope Today 07 February 2021 Sunday


Sunday down in tone, but there is a remedy

Down in tone today, under the cross fire of the White Lady and Neptune, both malevolent towards you. Few helpers, if not on the work front, will console you to know that together with health, it is the sector that interests you most, so even if it is Sunday (or maybe for this reason!), Take it easy and work out all those backlog you have never dared to put your hand, plan the agenda for next week or, if you really have nothing to do, take care of the small home repairs that are only waiting for your bricoleur ingenuity. These are the indications of the trio Sun-Mercury-Venus in your sixth house, the one that speaks of work, health but also of nature, and then do not miss the opportunity, with the sky already clear in February, to give yourself at least a ride to the park or a walk in some neighborhood of your city that you don’t know well yet. Volunteering is also popular and there are so many people, animals, and needy environments … that even if the number of people of good will multiplied by a thousand, ten thousand, one hundred thousand … it would still not be enough!

FOR HER: desire to travel, but how to reconcile it with your still terrible fear of the virus, which still proliferates in many countries and continents … simple, start tourism but close to home, in the surroundings, exploring those small villages, those delightful corners of the countryside that you never even suspected existed… the highway to the planet starts here, right before your eyes!

FOR HIM: Fido is an inseparable friend, humans have sometimes disappointed you, betrayed you, cheated you, not him, so give him all your gratitude, the affection and tenderness you are capable of … and if your old man is not is gone, after moments of extreme pain, Fido 2, Fido 3, Fido 4 will also come… stop to life as a dog, yes to life with dogs!

COLOR OF EMOTIONS: sage green.


PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 5, activities: 8, finances: 7, well-being: 7.

Virgo Horoscope Today 07 February 2021 Sunday


Nice day, yes to a trip

A good day for you, with a shy return to sociability guaranteed by the sextile at play between the enthusiastic Moon in Sagittarius and your friends Mercury and the Sun, casual, chatty and open to the new. Ideal, if the weather is good, treat yourself to an excursion in the countryside or in the hills, for you lovers of ancient and contemporary art there are plenty of options, one more delicious than the other. Nice to share these almost forgotten tastes with people on the same wavelength, for some time now you have not allowed yourself these pleasures, which until last year were normal, now instead … you feel like after a flight to have lunch in New York and have tea in London, finally have dinner in Paris… true, when things fail and you find them seem covered in gold dust! Discontent for those who today can only imagine these goodies, taken by shifts or by work sos that leave no way out, friends go while you remain to solve problems … and, it is said, you are the only ones able to do it. May this observation at least console you by raising your self-esteem!

FOR HER: wake up with a start from a noise, help, thieves! But no, it’s your cat who combines one of his own, throwing on the ground the ugly crystal vase, a wedding gift from Aunt Peppina: you would like to strangle him for the damage, which will cost you hours of work to rearrange, but considering how much the object was unsightly … you should reward him with his favorite croquettes!

FOR HIM: missed trip due to a slight discomfort, nothing serious, a simple indigestion but with a heavy stomach and a slight dizziness who would want to go hiking in the woods, or wander around a museum or an exhibition? Yet you of Libra like them so much, especially now that they have just been reopened … but the stomach says no!



PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 9, activities: 8, finances: 7, well-being: 6.

Libra Horoscope Today 07 February 2021 Sunday


All quarrelsome, partners and family

What a quarrelsome Sunday, just the one you don’t want, you wait all week to be able to relax and then, now that you can move a little more easily and visit people, patatrac happens in your home! Under fire from a very nervous Uranus, the partner complains about everything with hysterical tones, launching his invectives especially against Venus in quadrature, badly defended by his friends Mercury and the Sun: to be honest, if instead of peck you concentrated on really good food cooked by mother-in-law or mother-in-law, perhaps you would reconcile yourself more easily with life and with the diners next to you … is it possible to ruin such a delicious lunch for absurd stances? Prudence in the car, as far as you are concerned with the steering wheel and the gears you usually manage quite well, but when the fatal abiocco arrives and the usual idiot who does not respect the rules tries to overtake … you risk trouble, watch out for the pens!

FOR HER: walk downtown, looking at the windows: shops open naturally, in a desperate attempt to recover the losses suffered, and then generously decide to lend a hand to the traders, an excellent excuse to go in and take down beautiful clothes at a discounted price … sly!

FOR HIM: Sunday, the day of the bricoleur, and even today it touches you but with your creativity and a little music in the air you do not even realize you are working: for those who know how to do these things, it becomes a pleasant diversion, even a game … congratulations!



PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 4, activities: 6, finances: 8, well-being: 6.

Scorpio Horoscope Today 07 February 2021 Sunday


Hypersensitive with the Moon in the sign

The Lunar transit in your sign accentuates your sensitivity towards people, but not only: your heart is everything for strays, endangered animal species, suffering plants… yes, you fully agree with the words of Andy Warhol ” I believe that having the land and not ruining it is the most beautiful form of art that you could wish for ”and in your small way you do everything possible to behave in an impeccable way. But every time you see something wrong you start to argue: useless, by doing so you only exacerbate, better set a good example… good seeds produce wonderful herbs! So tell the three friendly stars, all of them in sextile to the White Lady in your sign, the Sun and Mercury who love truthful information, and Venus who adds her elegant and harmonious touch to everything. From any discomfort you personally, your loved ones, the environment, harmony will be the most appropriate cure: start from the microcosm, a clean and pleasant home, simple and light but varied and tasty cuisine, comfortable and sporty but well-matched clothes and in line with your personality… look around you, you are already starting to get better!

FOR HER: never seen a cat like yours, capable of opening drawers, door handles and even the tap for drinking: this is your Lightning bolt, a name and a guarantee!

FOR HIM: other than steeds, bookworms, with their noses always stuck in a newspaper, in a book or on the tablet: understandable your anguish, there is so much in the world to know that you would not be able to learn everything even in 30 reincarnations!



PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 8, activities: 8, finances: 7, well-being: 7.

Sagittarius Horoscope Today 07 February 2021 Sunday


Sunday sgnif, only shopping remains

All crooked this Sunday, you would have liked to sleep and with the Moon lazy in the twelfth house, moreover in quadrature with Neptune, you would have gladly done it until noon … except that the usual rude, perhaps the neighbor upstairs, makes a frenzied noise when you wake up of a start, even before on weekdays. Maybe it is your children who do it, real earthquakes, which weigh heavily on your bed… and goodbye Sunday morning pampering! At this point the only plausible activity remains to go out for two purchases, true we must not confuse being with having and in fact don’t even try, but with the Sun, Mercury and Venus all barricaded in your second house, the spendthrift , making some exceptions to the rule will be inevitable … at least hopefully the mood will pick up a little! Give yourself a small gift, even if the birthday area is now over, it’s always nice. True chefs in the kitchen, very good at combining colors, aromas and flavors, traditional and rustic cuisine is always the most welcome, you love ancient and authentic flavors, not covered by other hints … “simple and natural” your motto!

FOR HER: never with our hands, not even on Sundays, after having cooked and frozen various dishes, informed about cakes and biscuits for breakfast, the next step is to give you natural cosmetics: the ingredients? The same ones you keep in the fridge, you will not only be beautiful, but also good to taste!

FOR HIM: nice to rest, nice to eat too, but do it once, do it a second time, at the end the belly in profile in the mirror is noticeable … immediately for cover, as a punishment three hours of pedaling and no sweets!

COLOR OF EMOTIONS: ocher yellow.


PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 8, activities: 5, finances: 10, well-being: 6.

Capricorn Horoscope Today 07 February 2021 Sunday


No Sunday with the family, only with friends

For you at the Aquarium, the house is a cage and the family an institution to be abolished, at least you go babbling on to your closest friends, all single like you in search of new emotions and innovative experiences. The common denominator is a wrong story behind it, which has made you bitter and sarcastic. Put the strong squaring into play between Venus in your sign and the guiding star Uranus and you will understand the reason for your so drastic choices. Sociality, culture, travel as far as possible, as far as love is concerned … let it remain in the cellar for a long time! Meanwhile, with your friends you feel free, happy for a walk, intrigued by a monument, a tree, a cat lying down to enjoy the sun already almost spring, or maybe it’s your impression that it is: like waking up after a long sleep, after having been on Mars, returning to base everything now seems more beautiful, more colorful, more alive. And just this scares you, life is such a precious thing and yet nobody seems to notice it …

FOR HER: very much in love, yet you feel that something is wrong: he is bluffing, but you weren’t born yesterday… the unreliable piacione tonight will receive not the good night but the welcome!

FOR HIM: what a rip-off, so much time spent in the kitchen to delight your family with your latest creation, the most spectacular, when suddenly something goes wrong and your futuristic recipe looks like a charred omelette … that’s what it’s called fiasco!

COLOR OF EMOTIONS: midnight blue.


PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 9, activities: 6, finances: 6, well-being: 7.

Aquarius Horoscope Today 07 February 2021 Sunday


Moon sideways, in every sense

Too bad to wake up on Sunday with the Moon sideways, you could try to straighten it by giving yourself a good breakfast, but under the gun of the White Lady at the zenith, in quadrature with your star guide Neptune, they would need some tarts and croissants to make you smile … only to find yourself with a packed stomach until the evening! No star in your favor, nor the Sun that hides the truth from you, nor Mercury that says half-hearted sentences and leaves you to guess the rest, let alone Venus, already troubled by unpleasant news, maybe just a two of spades posted on a social network … humiliating, as well as painful! In short, a Sunday that you would have done well to cancel from the calendar, instead made wise by the experience you have just lived, by the practice of rehabilitation and by reading essays, shrug and look forward: for a day “no” there will certainly be a another “yes”, and maybe more than one! Optimism against all logic does not bring great solutions, but cultivating the herb of hope like a jar of basil on the window is always a good idea, it gives a fresher flavor to life and helps to … digest it better!

FOR HER: usual discussion with mommy, but this time you don’t want to continue indefinitely, for a while support your ideas, diametrically opposed to hers, then you get bored and let her say … your motto: “keep your reason as well , but leave me my peace ”!

FOR HIM: stop thinking of a beautiful woman in appearance but not in soul, if she has treated you like this, turned in on yourself and deprived of self-esteem, it means that not only did she not love you, but not even herself and life … better to lose it than to find it!

COLOR OF EMOTIONS: green gray.


PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 4, activities: 5, finances: 6, well-being: 5.

Pisces Horoscope Today 07 February 2021 Sunday

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