11 sure signs that you have a cheating wife

11 sure signs that you have a cheating wife - horoscope today

cheating wife: Is the woman by your side loyal? Don’t say “yes” too quickly, because men have already fallen from all clouds. These 11 signs will give you a clue as to whether she might be having an affair

Is she really true to me? Don’t you get that strange feeling sometimes when your partner is constantly looking at her cell phone and you don’t know who she is texting with? Don’t worry, we don’t want to convince you of any unfounded suspicion. After all, jealousy is just as toxic to the relationship as infidelity. Even so, you should stay vigilant so that you don’t fall behind.

If your loved one suddenly has a lot of new friends, changes her lifestyle or changes her hair color, it is obvious that something has changed for her. But even small things can indicate that something is wrong or that she is hiding something from you.

How do you know that your partner is cheating?

You cannot and should not immediately conclude from a new hairstyle or eye-catching lipstick that your partner is duping you. Clearer evidence is needed for this. Nevertheless, it is not impossible to track down a stranger with simple means. “If you know your partner well and are generally attentive, you can tell whether she is cheating,”

Where does cheating start?

Infidelity is a matter of definition. It depends on how you define a breach of loyalty in your partnership. There are couples who see it as cheating when their partner is flirting with others. Others only judge a kiss or sex as a breach of loyalty. And then there are couples for whom infidelity only begins when feelings are involved.

These 11 signs suggest the woman is cheating (cheating wife)

“There are a few classics that indicate a possible affair,” said Mittermaier. “The more signs appear at the same time, the higher the probability that the partner is not averse to an affair,” says the relationship counselor. Pay close attention to the following notes, but please do not rush to check them.

These are the things that annoy women the most in a partnership

Signs that a woman is cheating: She looks at her cell phone more often or sits at the computer all the time

Bing! She must have turned off the sound for incoming messages long ago. That’s why she reflexively looks at the smartphone every 2 minutes. When you ask who is writing, she answers (too quickly) with “Oh, nobody” or the name of her best friend. When you want to look at the display, she pulls the device away and laughs.

Further evidence: the phone is always with the display facing down – and is guaranteed not to be within your range.

She changes her passwords or sets up Touch ID

Do you know the pin code of the smartphone of your loved one? Try it again. We’re not talking about spying on her. However, if she changed the code, that is a clear sign that she is afraid you might see something that you shouldn’t be seeing. Further evidence: The browser history on your computer is always deleted.

She smells strange when she comes home

If she suddenly smells like a takeaway, even though she doesn’t like fries and burgers, that doesn’t have to be a warning sign. She could have gotten the smell in the canteen or at lunch with colleagues. Motor oil, smoke, alcohol or men’s perfume, on the other hand, speak a different language. Further evidence: She pulls a cloud of scent behind her that you do not know from her and takes a shower immediately after coming home.

She dresses up and puts on more make-up

Is the laundry drawer full of new lace panties? At the latest, if you have not yet seen a piece of it yourself, you should be puzzled. But you don’t have to rummage through her closet first. The clues can be much more subtle. For example, does she often wear high heels again and have recently started paying close attention to her makeup? Further evidence: she goes shopping more often, stands in the bathroom for hours and takes a lot of selfies.

She is sometimes unavailable for hours

Actually, after work, she just wanted to quickly pick something up from a friend or put in a few hours of overtime. No problem. But if you can’t reach them by phone for hours during such activities, something is wrong. Further evidence: She allegedly often drives through dead spots and the battery of her smartphone is weaker than it used to be.

She is in an unfounded good mood and has bright eyes

You both climbed from cloud 7 months or years ago to a relaxed floor below. Then how is it that she suddenly behaves like a teen in love? She trills to pop music, grins into her smartphone or is in a good mood – for no apparent reason. Even when you talk about problems at work, she smiles.

Further clues: She tells you insider jokes that you don’t understand or suddenly sends you ridiculous smileys.

She is doing girls’ evenings more and more often

Go to the cinema on Mondays, dinner on Wednesdays and party on Saturdays. Lately she is said to be constantly out and about with her girls. More and more women are joining that you’ve never heard of before. Guys are not welcome here. Further evidence: She warns you not to wait for her and encourages you to have more men’s evenings.

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She suddenly lets you get away with more

You forget the time with your buddies in the bar or look after another woman. In the past, your loved one would have jumped in a triangle during such an action and would not have spoken to you for 3 days. Today she reacts calmly to such faux pas or doesn’t even register them. Further evidence: It suggests you get in touch with your sandpit friend again or motivates you to go back to soccer more often.

She goes to sports more often (with makeup)

Exercise every evening? That wasn’t usually her thing. Either she is actually on the fitness trip or she uses the gym or the running group as an alibi to secretly arrange other dates. Further evidence: She takes a shower before exercising and the clothes in her bag are still dry after the training session.

She fights a lot over minor issues

It seems as if she has been surfing the red wave for half a month: she suddenly argues about every nothing and plums you from the side. She is also openly critical of your lifestyle and compares you to other people more often. It wasn’t like that before! Further evidence: Joint dinners are less important to her, she asks less often for your opinion and no longer washes your underwear with you.

She has no desire for sex and closeness

Is she not in the mood for sex? That alone is – as you know – not sufficient evidence that she is getting sex elsewhere. You should only be alarmed when she no longer allows any closeness. This means that if she refuses kisses, hugs and caresses, something is wrong. Further evidence: She hides from you when undressing and turns in bed with her face to the wall.

How do you behave when the woman is cheating?

Did you catch your partner on multiple signs? Then you should act. “A grown-up way of dealing with suspicion is definitely speaking up. Keeping silent about it stirs up doubts and resentments and does not advance the couple. Ideally, you have a sincere interest in finding out what the woman’s motivation is and what she is really about Instead of ‘interrogating’ her (How? When? How often? How long? With whom?) It makes more sense to really listen to her (why? What did you feel? What is wrong with you?) “, Explains love coach Mittermaier. You don’t have to worry that your loved one will think you’re extremely jealous. She could only accuse you of that if you go looking for clues behind your back. For example, when you hire a detective or sniff on her cell phone. “This is a no-go, because we also have the right to privacy in a relationship. Even under these circumstances. Searching the cell phone drives the couple further apart. Because here a breach of trust follows a breach of trust. That shatters a lot of dishes unnecessarily, “says Mittermaier.” If the relationship is really important to you, suppress the impulse to snoop around and talk to her openly about it, “advises the coach.

Can the relationship still be saved despite cheating?

If a suspicion is confirmed or if your partner openly admits cheating, it is a tough test for the relationship. If one of the partners has cheated, this does not necessarily mean the end of the partnership. However, it is not an easy path that takes time. “In order to save the relationship, you need the openness to question the model of loyalty instead of only questioning the character of the partner. Nothing in this relationship is what it was after a betrayal. Both are willing to start a completely new relationship starting with the same partner gives their love a chance. Couples who have survived an affair often report that sex is better, conversations are deeper and intimacy is higher, “explains relationship coach Mittermaier. So it’s worth it

Conclusion: are you really sure that she is cheating?

Before you surprise your partner with wild allegations, you should be very sure that your assumption is correct. Otherwise, your loved one may assume you have exaggerated jealousy. Please don’t even think about scouring your phone in secret – that’s a big breach of trust. If you don’t have any peace of mind, you can address the fact that you noticed that she has changed. Explain your concern to her and let her understand that she can talk to you about anything.

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