Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 22 Mar 21 to 28 Mar 21

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 22 Mar 21 to 28 Mar 21 - horoscope today

What does the Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 22 Mar 21 to 28 Mar 21 bring you? Find out Weekly horoscope Pisces in love, work for the Aries: an in-depth study.

Dear Capricorn, you really can’t complain!

These constellations are important to you now.

Favorable: Uranus (trine), Neptune (sextile)

Rather critical: Pluto (conj.), Sun (square), Venus (square)

This week, thanks to Mercury and Uranus, you have shown yourself smart and shrewd in important conversations. You are not lacking in persuasiveness. That should now have a positive effect financially, but above all in your professional career. It is also quite pleasant in private life. Your wishes are read from your eyes. You can’t complain.

My good advice

You will fall under the spell of an unfavorable sun that is square to your sign. This can lead to difficult relationships. It is best to be careful who you partner with. Compromises are also necessary so that there is no major scandal.

For you to think about

Everything can change every day, suddenly and forever.

Capricorn horoscope weekly

Capricorn Weekly Love Horoscope

You may feel that everything around you is completely calm, but by thinking so , you will certainly not be in step with the times and you will not be busy enough for your personal relationships. Wake up!

Couples will have to shake up from the torpor of the last few weeks and take action to make a dream, a desire concrete. In short, something that can bring you closer to your partner, with whom you no longer take a step forward.

Singles will benefit from their position, as they cannot be disappointed or disappoint others’ expectations. But even this condition, at some point, begins to present its dark sides!

Capricorn Weekly Career Horoscope

Forcing your hand to work could turn out to be the wrong move, especially considering what we’re all going through. If it concerns economic matters, try to postpone the talk in seven days.

In addition to asking yourself whether or not you are deserving of certain treatments, try to guide your behaviors too : positive towards those who are committed and tries to help, negative with those who do nothing but cause problems and delays.

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