Capricorn Horoscope


Capricorn Horoscope

Capricorn, from December 22nd to January 20th

This is the erudite and intellectual sign , which produces deep thinkers and philosophers, but Capricorn people apply to practical things as well. This aspect helps them shake off the fixed moods caused by the governing Planet, Saturn.

As a result, Capricorn is usually seen as an extremist , while instead trying to find the right balance. These people are calm and cautious in their method and action. They approach new subjects in an intellectual way and instinctively try to increase their level of knowledge. They are as good organizers as philosophers and like to think things out for themselves.

People born under the sign of Capricorn, show love for Saturn’s loneliness , when applied practically, it would be avoided if it produces morbid tendencies. They have something like a psychic meaning and they are aware of it.

Capricorn Sign Profile

Capricorn is the leader of the Earth Signs, ruled by Saturn. It is a stabilizing force, one of the hardest working signs in the Zodiac.

It has intense powers of self-concentration, but not in a selfish sense . Members of this sign find a lot of security in what they do rather than who they are.

Without a balance Capricorn can become too stiff – like the palm tree that is too tall, falling to the ground in strong winds. In order to move with the wind of change, it has to flex and bend a little!

Capricorn also focuses a little too much on the outcome. So forget the little joys in life. When Capricorn relaxes and enjoys life, their most delicious secret emerges. Nobody has a sense of humor like Capricorn. It will make us bask in a warm smile! 🙂

Capricorn Horoscope characteristics

Capricorn, the tenth sign of the Zodiac , is all about hard work. Those born under this sign are more than happy to spend the whole day in the office, realizing that it will take a lot of these days to get to the top. Not a problem since Capricorn is ambitious and determined : they will get it. Life is a big blueprint for Capricorn, and they fit into that by taking a business approach to most of the things they do. It is also practical, taking one step at a time and becoming as realistic and pragmatic as possible. Capricorn is extremely dedicated to his goals, to the point of stubbornness.

It is the goat that symbolizes Capricorn, and it is suitable. The goat loves to climb to the top of the mountain, where the air is fresh and clean. Similarly Capricorn wants to reach the top of the chosen field to reap the benefits of success, that is, fame, prestige and money. However, reaching the top is not a walk in the park, so Capricorn will ruffle their feathers along the way.

These people can be despotic, even selfish, on the road to success.They will say that it is part of being a leader who brings new ideas. Capricorn is industrious, efficient, organized and will not create a lot of turmoil. He is scrupulous with details and adopts a rather conventional attitude in business and in life. He feels better acting safe, as long as this is the safe way to get to the top.

Capricorn is patient and happy to wait for his ship to arrive. The sassy side of this serious behavior is that Capricorns can become relentless with those who aren’t as diligent or ambitious as they are. He must remember that he needs alliances along the way, ambitious or not. In any case, once you have received the recognition and social status you so desire, everything will be forgotten. Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn. In Roman mythology, Saturn was the father of many of the gods. Consider him a big shot and you will see a parallel with Capricorn. Those born under this sign want to become a big shot and are smart enough to understand that the title will simply not be given to them.

They are happy to work with it and have enough discipline and a sense of responsibility to carry it there. Capricorn tends to be mature and blessed with common sense , two qualities that help their striving for success.

In all likelihood, Capricorn will find himself on the top step, but will remember those who helped him. It is traditional and rather inhibited, suggesting to others to demand that they be able to enjoy success and its rarefied air. Reassured, he will smile inwardly.

The element associated with Capricorn is the Earth. It is not a surprise! Capricorn is not interested in wild thoughts and dreams around the world. Remember they are the businessmen of the Zodiac, so in their sensible and economical way, they will get up every morning and see if their job is well done. While Capricorn can occasionally get a little materialistic and greedy, they are too dignified and practical to get carried away with enthusiasm. Plus, he loves traditions and secrecy and wants to appear polite and friendly.

Capricorn loves outdoor sports like golf and croquet – so he has a chance to win! Capricorn team colors are brown and khaki, he likes to wear relaxed pants. Sporty Capricorn needs to cover their teeth and knees shouldn’t be too bold, or risk breaking some bones. When in love, Capricorn is always dedicated but never emotional.

The great strength of those born in Capricorn is their willingness to work hard and their determination to succeed. Their ambition is unlimited even though they are cautious, responsible and always play honestly. This is why their success is the sweetest.

Capricorn symbolism

All the symbols of Capricorn, from perfumes to stones and flowers

The Earth sign Capricorn, Cardinal, Feminine, Ambitious, eager for power, ruled by Saturn and Uranus.
Capricorn symbolizes the X house of the zodiac, which represents affirmation in the social field. The sign of Capricorn extends from degree 270 to degree 300.

Period:from December 22nd to January 20th
Color:The Colors of the Earth
Planet :Uranus and Saturn
Characteristics:Diplomatic, constructive, ambitious
Day of the week:Saturday
Perfumes and essences:Narcissus, lilac
Lucky Number:4
Animals:Goat, bat, cuttlefish, crocodile
Birthstone :Garnete
Power stone:Onyx

Capricorn person

Positive and negative aspects of Capricorn


Those born under the sign of Capricorn are usually very patient and stable. He endures any task he has and sees. You can always rely on it and it is not averse to work.

As an honest person, Capricorn is serious about everything they do. He does not take his commitments lightly. He is a practical person and wants to keep his feet on the ground.

Quite often the person born under this sign is ambitious and knows what he wants from life. It advances decisively and never abandons its goals. When she is determined about something she almost always wins. He is a hard and good worker. Even if things don’t go smoothly, he doesn’t feel sorry for himself, but keeps working until his chores are over.

He is usually good at economics and knows the value of money. He is not a spendthrift and knows how to set aside something for rainy days; he does not like bad and unnecessary expenses.
Capricorn knows how to make use of its self-control. It can apply to anything once it focuses. His ability to concentrate sometimes astounds others. He is diligent and does well when he is engaged in detailed work.

The Capricorn woman or man is charitable and will do what they can to help the less fortunate. As a friend he is loyal and sincere. He never shirks from his commitments or responsibilities. He has a lot of self-confidence and doesn’t expect much from other people. He does what he can with his hands. If someone does a good deed to him, he will do his best to reciprocate.


Like everyone, Capricorn also has its flaws. Sometimes he can be ultra-critical of others. He expects others to live up to his standards. Think well of yourself and tend to look down on others.

His interest in material things can be exaggerated. The Capricorn woman or man thinks too much about going up into the world and having something to prove it. He can be a little greedy.

Sometimes he thinks he knows what is best for others. It is too overbearing. He is always trying to organize and correct others. He may be somewhat limited in his thinking.

Friendly Profile Capricorn

How are you in friendship and compatibility between zodiac signs

If a Capricorn thinks you can’t do anything for him, you are unlikely to break his inner circle.

If, however, you’ve managed to climb the corporate ladder or have something to offer them, Capricorn will hug you for life. Expect a structured friendship.

If you make plans, your Capricorn friend will plan an itinerary for you, and you’d better be on time and stick to the schedule.

He may think he has all the answers and will try to impress you with the degree of their knowledge on each subject, thinking of helping you.

If you have impeccable manners, are successful in your field, and are successful in gaining the affection of Capricorn, you will find that you have gained an extremely devoted friend who will be kind whatever happens in your life.

Don’t be alarmed if you test your loyalty over and over again. A Capricorn who has lost confidence once needs a long time to regain it.

 Best friends: Scorpio, Pisces

Compatibility in friendship with Capricorn

Compatibility:Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces.
Affective Complex:Cancer, Capricorn.
Strong Attraction:Aries, Libra.
Incompatibility:Leo, Gemini, Aquarius, Sagittarius.

Capricorn romantic profile

Capricorn turns out to be a devoted lover and capable of unleashing an endless stream of emotions

Those born under the sign of Capricorn are considered the worker bees of the Zodiac . Ambitious and determined, this sign possesses an iron will, which pushes him to act with commitment to fulfill his wishes.

The Capricorn collects a lot of admiration in society , his funny and reliable character paves the way for him to a guaranteed success. In case of sentimental involvement, his romance surrounds him with an irresistible charm.

Capricorn is always happy to start on a romance for someone they consider special . Winning his heart requires a good deal of skill in both the kitchen and the bedroom.

Power has aphrodisiac implications for Capricorn , and whoever manages to conquer it will have the certainty of a grateful and ever-present partner.

Capricorn and the Passion

Capricorn has very clear ideas, once their attention is captured by something in particular , they will work hard to get it. She is generally a winning and attractive person, loves neat and nice things, and knows that you get more out of honey than vinegar.

Focused on the outward appearance of things, Capricorn turns out to be a devoted lover and capable of unleashing an endless stream of emotions. Intelligent and cunning, he loves to combine the practical and the romantic side of things.

Capricorn and Relationships

As for romantic relationships, it should be noted that the orientation of Capricorn respects the general canons: people with a lot of money, power and ambitious are for him. A relationship with Capricorn is an intense and always positive experience, as those born under this sign will show a constant and targeted commitment to safeguarding the couple’s interests.

Passion and excitement are necessary components to carry on a love relationship, but mutual security and trust also play a decisive role. When involved in the ideal relationship, Capricorn exudes love from every pore, proving to be a lover who knows how to give himself completely and protect his loved one.

Capricorn: Love and Eros

For Capricorn, Love and Sex go hand in hand.

Capricorn and Love

Love can be a difficult experience for Capricorn to manage, due to the prudence with which this sign deals with sentimental experiences, especially in the initial stages of the relationship.

This measure of distrust is attributable to the fear of losing a loved one. However, if you manage to win his trust, the Capricorn proves to be a loyal and devoted lover, who will do everything to meet the needs of the partner ; once he engages on a sentimental level, his concern is total.

Love is a state of grace for Capricorn , and they will work hard to maintain it.

Capricorn and Sex

Under a sometimes cold and detached aspect there is a fervent sensuality waiting to be solicited by a valuable lover. The foreplay is not part of his ways, even in bed the practical side of the Earth sign comes out, Capricorn does not need what he considers superfluous.

The important thing is to have a serene sentimental situation, since love and sex go hand in hand for Capricorn. He is an assiduous, passionate and loyal lover , who will make the person who shares his bedroom spend magical moments.

A strong, sincere, and libidinous partner can bring out the best in Capricorn from a sexual standpoint.

The needs of Capricorn

Capricorn particularly feels the excitement caused by competitions; if the game, in addition to being fun, also offers a coveted prize, Capricorn is the first to participate.

This sign is always looking for a person with a certain class, sexy and also full of money. The ideal partner is also responsible and down to earth.

The Capricorn lover is ambitious, sets a goal, and works hard to achieve it . Devout and passionate, Capricorn is a vessel of emotions waiting for the right person to be emptied.

Seduction Capricorn sign

Secrets to seduce and conquer a Capricorn

How to seduce him …

… go along with the aesthetic orientation of your Capricorn partner. For sure he will be able to show you his gratitude, since the outward appearance is of fundamental importance to him.

… let him know that you are capable of managing money. He will appreciate your thrift

… don’t give up on your dreams. Capricorn will show you the importance of a strong and tenacious character

… Find out which external image fascinates your Capricorn – and adopt it. A Capricorn will respond well to this, as appearances mean a lot to this sign.

… Be understanding with your Capricorn’s dedication to work and the desire for success. He wants to be successful for your good too, not just his own.

… Give your Capricorn gifts that show your dedication and ability to look after your bank account. Will appreciate the management, of how you manage your money.

… Be patient and understanding that good things come for those who wait. Once ready, Capricorn will work for you and become the most constant force in your life.

… Always do what you said to do. Your Capricorn will show you how to be persistent, faithful and devoted.

To Avoid …

… never embarrass him in public. He hates humiliation, especially in front of others.

… don’t spend your money on overpriced gifts. Capricorn does not approve of frivolous spending.

… don’t expect relaxed behavior on her part from the first dates. Capricorn needs time before they can feel totally comfortable.

… don’t criticize his dedication to work and his desire for success. His efforts are aimed at ensuring your well-being too, not just hers.