Capricorn and Cancer Compatibility: Do the zodiac signs match?

Capricorn and Cancer Compatibility_ Do the zodiac signs match - horoscope today

Capricorn and Cancer Compatibility – how well do they go together?

Capricorn and Cancer: mind versus feeling, restraint versus passion. Read here what the partner horoscope still reveals about Capricorn and Cancer Compatibility.

The Capricorn , it is difficult to show emotions. He is so absorbed in his sense of duty. that his mind sometimes only runs on one track. But his feelings are not gone. You just have to be called again. The partner horoscope “Capricorn & Cancer” tells you more.

Capricorn is probably like this because of a secret fear of being hurt. The partner horoscope “Capricorn & Cancer” says: He always wants to appear strong and calm. Too many feelings can be interpreted by him as weakness.

Cancers live for their feelings. They are so in tune with their inner world that they know their feelings very well. And also like to show them. They almost shower their partner with compliments, gifts and romantic gestures. But the reserved Capricorn initially feels completely overwhelmed by all the attention. He does not know how to react correctly to these signs of love. Now instead of admitting his fears, he becomes frustrated and abrupt. He turns to the Cancer with his frosty side. Cancer can of course be offended by this species. And sees the behavior as disinterest, notes the partner horoscope “Capricorn & Cancer”.

So a tip for Cancers: Don’t give too much at once. Slowly, step by step, let the partner get used to the confessions of love. and in between you just imitate the Capricorn. Be cool and casual towards him.

Both can have trouble with each other, especially at the beginning. So patience is the key word for this relationship. Because in Cancer the Capricorn finds the ease that he longs for. And cancer security for life.

Partner horoscope “Capricorn and Cancer Compatibility” – your personal secret of love:

Find the child in yourself through your partner – you will rediscover long-forgotten wisdom.

Capricorn and Cancer may or may not go very well. Capricorn’s discipline can appear cold to Cancer or it can make them feel secure.

Capricorn can give structure to Cancer’s imagination. Cancer can convey more emotional expression through its emotional attitude towards life, the dryness of Capricorn. This impressive way of life can in turn appear mimosa-like to the ibex. The need for emotional security can meet the Capricorn, but it can also appear to them as a possession. Cancer also quickly finds itself rejected, where Capricorn just wants to be to itself.

Heaven or hell are therefore often close in this regard. What they have in common is that both want to achieve security and stability in a relationship. Both signs find it difficult to let go, they are loyal and therefore often stay together even if everything does not go so well.

If both find the way to the other and if they get along well in their peculiarities, then this relationship can also be an unshakable bond for life. If there is a clear allocation of offices, this relationship will likely become easier. Cancer is responsible for the family and home, while Capricorn is entirely focused on his job. The relationship between Capricorns and Cancer women is therefore usually simpler, as the traditional roles of these signs are still popular today.

Character properties of partners

Cancer in the partnership

As an emotional sign, the Cancer-born acts less with the mind when it comes to entering into a partnership. Selection is dominated by sympathy and antipathy. He can be very shy and “wallflower-like” because he needs comfort in order to be able to come out of himself. But he is also able to influence his partner through a gentle and subversive way.

Cancer likes guests and likes to entertain them. Moods can drive him to great achievements, but they can also depress his mind, depending on the situation. He has a sentimental streak. Cancer is caring, helpful and has a strong relationship with home and home. He can give a lot of love, but expects the same from others. He is very receptive to flattery and tenderness. He reacts sensitively to angry to negative criticism. These are mostly very amiable people, but moodiness, self-pity and unnecessary tears of the environment can get on the mind.

The Cancer woman

What does not contain a certain depth of feeling displeases the Cancer woman. She usually doesn’t digest adventures or flirting well and after a disappointment, she probably has to “clean up her soul” for a longer time – she doesn’t forget that easily. But if she really gives away her heart, then she gives security and tenderness in abundance. She doesn’t give superficial pick-ups a chance.

The Cancer man

He’s a bit shy at first, and even in his early youth he wasn’t among the first to experience them. His sensitivity and tender feelings make him a little reserved. He loves a woman with whom he can enjoy his home in love. In love he can be extraordinarily romantic and devoted.

Capricorn in a partnership

Once Capricorn has decided on a partner and has opened up to him, he loves deeply, loyally and sincerely, but cannot really show his love to the outside world. The family may be neglected because work and advancement are so important to him. Capricorn wants to achieve something and does not indulge in emotional fuss. Interests are primarily focused on the job. The partner can be neglected as a result.

Capricorn also overcomes difficult obstacles. Money and goods serve for pleasure, but he does not afford extravagances. The inner bond with the family is not very strong. The attitude is matter-of-fact and not dominated by dramatic feelings. Capricorn is not particularly enjoyable, but it can develop passions when it is with the right partner. Nevertheless, the attitude is always maintained here too.

Attachments must also bring benefits. in marriage he is faithful and steadfast, has moral principles that cannot be shaken.

The Capricorn woman

The reserved, upright manner of the Capricorn woman does not make her uninteresting for men, on the contrary, some people have the ambition to be able to win them. But the Capricorn woman is not that easy to ‘catch’. She seeks security and often tests a candidate for patience. Once they have made up their minds, they fully support their partner and keep spurring them on to ambition.

The Capricorn Man

The inner consequence of the Capricorn man must not hide the fact that he too, like the Capricorn woman, of course, has an inner softcore. Capricorn men are realists and provide a woman with security and stability. Both sexes have to learn in love to lay aside their authority and sometimes to live the warm-hearted and childlike side.

Cancer man and Capricorn woman in the partner horoscope

Sometimes it will be good that the Cancer man appears a little shy and reserved at first, because this way the Capricorn woman has sufficient opportunity to put her partner to the test. After all, she wants to make sure from the start that it fits.

The Cancer man prefers a cozy home for himself and his dream woman. So he will do everything possible to bind her to him with his care. The Capricorn woman, however, will spur him on to new top performances again and again, because she needs a partner at eye level.

Cancer Woman and Capricorn Man in Love Horoscope

In love it can sometimes be difficult for a Cancer woman to cope with the Capricorn man’s non-existent emotional outbursts. Because he prefers to let actions speak than to indulge in romantic emotional drudgery.

However, the Capricorn man is usually soft-hearted and has a lot of understanding. So he will always endeavor to offer the Cancer woman the security that you desire. In any case, she will thank him with great tenderness.

The zodiac signs Capricorn and Cancer Compatibility in the relationship

Once Cancer and Capricorn have met, they will be extremely loyal to one another in the relationship. Nevertheless, both will have to learn to give up their claim to the leadership role in lovemaking. Because in this point they are quite similar.

If they are also ready to fully open up to each other, Cancer and Capricorn will not only be able to combine many strengths in their partnership. But they will also be able to loosen themselves in love play to the extent that they can let go to enjoy together.

The zodiac signs Capricorn and Cancer Compatibility in friendship

While Cancer tends to enter into friendship unselfishly, Capricorn will be anxious to gain an advantage. Basically, this is because for him work is the purpose of life, where he can score with self-discipline and ambitious goal orientation.

But in the friendship with a Cancer he will definitely take the time to offer his help. Sometimes this friendly relationship will result in a number of projects that will bring great success.

Complementary and opposites

Complementary signs: both shy, introverted, could find a stable couple balance . Capricorn’s sincerity and trustworthiness reassure Cancer who, in turn, is affectionate and understanding: he listens and never judges.

Not a simple relationship

Love affinity : ♥ ♥

Risk : personality often in opposition

Strength : excellent communication

Tip : be more tolerant

Capricorn and Cancer Compatibility: the secret to a long-lasting relationship

Cancer is a sign that tends to be childish, on the contrary Capricorn is considered the “old” of the zodiac. Capricorn is a thoughtful and wise sign, it hates the whims of Cancer, which it considers immature and unjustified. It is not rare times when Capricorn, impatient by the attitude of Cancer, hurts him with words that are often too direct and cutting.

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