Cancer Horoscope


Cancer Horoscope

Cancer, from June 20 to July 22

Cancer Horoscope: It includes loyal and confident people, who are tied to tradition as if they were part of it.

Their moods and even their purposes can be as changeable as the ruling planet of the sign, the Moon.

This self-contradiction is understandable when it is recognizable as part of the innate nature of the individual.

Cancer people are lovers of home, family life and domestic tranquility but also enjoy travel and adventures. They adore the past and sometimes live practically in it, thus explaining the way in which they seek the present always returning to the past.

Those born under this sign are very sensitive , even if they often do everything they can not to show it. Arguments wear him out, criticism hurts him and how the crab burrows into its shell. Though cautious, he appreciates entertainment and social life. He is often lively and generous, devoted to lost causes.

When Cancer falls in love, they are devoted, romantic, and capable of attracting things. Cancer is open to listening to the stomach, as the sign regulates the stomach. The great strength of those born in Cancer is the tenacity with which they protect the affections. They don’t ask for much: a comfortable home and a sense of peace added together.

The sign of June: Cancer

Sensitive, dreamer or, in any case, gifted with a great imagination.

Who are you

A person who seeks love, who thrives on emotions. In appearance, sometimes a bit grumpy.

A curmudgeon with a cream heart. Or a romantic with a strong stomach.

How to seduce Cancer

It is difficult to plan a seduction strategy that can make you capitulate.

Because in you the mechanism of attraction is set in motion through strange circuits, almost always driven, even unconsciously, by memories and the past. Either way, you appreciate being wooed with imagination, intelligence and sensuality.

How to leave Cancer

If you really love, it’s not easy to leave you. Because even betrayal and hatred in your heart grow like trees, where the roots, however, sink in love.

However, you can’t stand being criticized all the time. And even less the indifference and the lack of poetry and tact .

How do you betray

With sensuality and passion. If the spark of eros is triggered, while appreciating fidelity, you value good sex even more, and your greed for pleasure could make you greedy and push you beyond territorial boundaries . Maybe thinking that they will never find you … But it rarely happens, if you are in love.

What makes Cancer angry

The lack of attention. The arrogance. The stupidity. The insensitivity. Indifference.

The criticisms, the comments, the advice, sometimes, and if interested, and the unsolicited observations. Bad cooking. Bad sex. The claims.

What do Cancer like

Be yourself. Eat, cook, make love, pamper your plants, or your animals, or your family members. Read, remember, write. Or draw.

You are drawn to the creative process , be it art or otherwise. Get excited. To dream. Often, even travel . You love to fly with your imagination!

What bores Cancer

A life without love, without stimuli, without emotions . Perform the same gestures mechanically, without feeling anything and without ever wondering if you are a robot or a human being .

The unimaginative diet and bland foods. Eros without imagination .

Cancer X Factor

It is your imagination: a fertile, fluid and nourishing nucleus like the amniotic fluid in which the gestation of the fetus takes place .

You could give birth to the brilliant idea, the book, a painting, a philosophy, a child, a love . Your creativity, however you decide to use it, is your magic wand , what sets you apart and offers you an edge.

If Cancer were a fruit


If Cancer were an animal you would be


If Cancer were a color


If Cancer were a recipe


Cancer Sign Profile

Cancer needs security and love to be enveloped in an environment of love and comfort.

The element of Cancer is Water. Symbol of feelings, water signs need to give and receive. They flourish on the exchange of feelings.

Cancer needs security and love to be enveloped in an environment of love and comfort. A truly splendid example of Yin receptivity, Cancer seems to absorb psychic memories, feelings and messages. Sure, put your positive energy back into the process.

Cardinal motivation energizes their strong ability to provide for others. Few work as hard and tenaciously as Cancer. Without the balance of Yang’s assertiveness, Cancer’s security can be a little shaky.

After all, Cancer is very sensitive to everything. As the regulator of the sign, the Moon, follows alternating phases, Cancer follows its humoral alternations.

Sometimes the desire for love results in giving too much. In some cases, Cancer can become overwhelming or addictive. When balanced, Cancer adds personal independence to his or her priorities.

Characteristics Sign Cancer

Cancer, the fourth sign of the Zodiac , is all about the home. Those born under this sign are people “clinging” to the home who take pleasure in the comforts of home and family.

Cancer is maternal, domestic and loves to look after others. If they could, their family would be big – the biggest, the happiest! Cancer will certainly be happy if their home life is peaceful and harmonious. Traditions are sustained with great pleasure in the Cancer house, which appreciate family history and common activities.

Cancer tends to be patriotic , waving the flag whenever possible. Cancer’s good memory is the basis for the stories told around the table, and don’t be surprised if he gets excited about the things they bring out. Cancer’s mascot is the Crab, and like this little crustacean, Cancers are ready to retreat into their shells if the mood suggests it. Don’t be surprised if they are called “acids”. Perhaps Cancer will not agree so much, even if they consider this shell a second home.

The funny side of this hiding place is that Cancer is often quite moody. For this reason, hiding their difficulty in sharing their innermost feelings, it can become a Herculean effort to get them out of their secret places.

What to do? Give the Cancer time – it will come out on its own.

When he does , he will be the first to say it, in accordance with the Cardinal Qualities linked to this sign. It has been said that Cancer is the first to laugh or cry, so you can bet it will fill your day. However, that shell isn’t the only tough thing in Cancer.

Cancer is tenacious and strong and loves to go their own way . If his documented kindness and courtesy don’t serve the purpose, he still uses emotional manipulation to make things happen.

If this method doesn’t work, go back to his shell and bad mood, or find a way to get back to the root of his pain, as Cancer can prove vengeful. Most Cancers will tell you that they are motivated by the protection of the home and the beloved, the noblest of goals.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon , the great mother of the heavens in antiquity. On Earth, this manifests itself in Cancer’s maternal instinct and a desire to protect the home and heart. It may seem overwhelming, but this is Cancer for you. The Moon is associated with fertility, a quality highly prized by Cancer . The Moon is also the regulator of moods and Cancrene is pervaded.

Cancer can be a “whiner” if they are prone to it,   and usually it is. It can be overly sensitive, painful, and prone to brooding. Even so, Cancers find it easy to be friendly to others and quickly show their feelings. Intuition is also a great help, especially in stress.

The element associated with Cancer is Water. Like the waves of the sea, Cancer’s emotions can splash. Cancer tends to stick to things and keep them, with the opposite result of moving from sentimentality to obsession. Cancer resists the temptation to become independent or apologize, as it doesn’t help. On the other hand,  Cancer is positive with money because it gives security.

It is also quick to help others and request comparisons. Those born under this sign are related to food. Cancer finds that a hard work session is a tonic for their feelings. Sports teams are always loved, as they offer a sense of community; water polo is ideal for Aquatic Cancer.

What are the team colors? The Moon is silver and white. Since Cancer tends to be lazy, they need someone to spur them on.

Cancer Sign Symbology

All the symbols of Cancer, from perfumes to stones and flowers

Cancer is a water sign, cardinal, feminine, love of home, ruled by the Moon.
Cancer symbolizes the 4th house of the zodiac , the phase of youth. The sign of Cancer extends from degree 90 to degree 120.

Period:from 21 June to 22 July
Characteristics:Love for the home, Tenacity
Day of the week:Monday
Perfumes and essences:Carnation, mint
Lucky Number:2
Flower:Jasmine, lily
Animals:Crab, swan, cat
Power stone:Sodalite

Cancer person

Positive and negative aspects of the Cancer sign

The positive side of Cancer

The most positive point of Cancer lies in its understanding nature. He is a warm and loving person. He would never go his own way to hurt anyone.

The Cancer woman or man is often very kind and tender ; they give what they can to others. They hate to see others suffer and do what they can to help the less fortunate.

Their interest in people often extends beyond their circle of family and friends; they have a deep sense of brotherhood and respect for human values.

Cancer is a person who knows the art of patience. When the situation becomes difficult, he is able to stand by and wait for it to become manageable. He is able to wait for the right moment.

Cancer knows how to focus on one thing at a time. Usually follows something that started to the end.

Cancer is a person who loves their home. He loves being surrounded by familiar things and loved ones. Of all the signs, Cancer is the most maternal. Men born under the sign also have maternal and protective qualities. He likes to take care of the people in his family.

He is usually a loyal and faithful person. Family ties mean a lot to the Cancer woman or man. Relatives and in-laws are respected and loved. Cancer has a great sense of tradition and is sensitive to the moods of others.

The negative side of Cancer

Sometimes Cancer finds it quite difficult to cope with life. It becomes too much for him. He can be a little shy when things aren’t going well. When misfortunes happen, he is inclined to resign himself and say, “It will be what it will be.” It is very fatalistic in events.

The ignorant Cancer is a bit lazy, does not have a lot of ambition and leaves everything that seems difficult to him to others. It can be devoid of initiatives.

If he is too sensitive, when he feels offended, he burrows into his shell and his imaginary thoughts. Cancer women are often prone to crying when even the smallest things go wrong.

Some Cancers find it difficult to have fun outside their home. He asks a lot of questions about others and needs to be constantly reassured that they are loved.

Cancer Friendly Profile

How are you in friendship and compatibility between zodiac signs

Cancer likes to invite you to dinner often. Sure, she appreciates your company, but she loves it when you arrive and compliments her house, decorations and excellent food.

He is a loyal friend , as long as you don’t betray his trust. If you can handle a super-emotional friend who can call you and cry on the phone for no reason, you will have gained a devoted companion who is ready to arm himself with handkerchiefs and rush to your aid when you are depressed.

Cancer often prefers to stay indoors and get lost in thought , but if they’re in a good mood, they’ll go out for dinner and a movie. With a friend like Cancer you will never have to worry about remembering important events.

Your favorite crab will always be there with a video camera. As your friendship grows, your Cancer friend will naturally invite you to family dinners. A wounded Cancer hurts deeply and for a long time, so take care of your friend’s fragile emotions.

Cancer Compatibility

Compatibility:Taurus , Virgo , Scorpio , Pisces.
Affective Complex:Cancer , Capricorn .
Strong Attraction:Aries , Libra .
Incompatibility:Leo , Gemini , Aquarius , Sagittarius .

Romantic Cancer Profile

Cancer loves to entertain themselves in the game of courtship

One of the specific characteristics of the sign of Cancer is the sense of protection towards the home, towards the concept of family and towards tradition.

The influence of the Moon is very strong and Cancer’s emotions vary according to the alternation of the phases of the moon . When we meet someone born under this sign during one of their periods of good humor, we might be surprised by the latter’s extremely benevolent and accommodating attitude.

Willing and determined , the Cancer will follow the path taken trying to overcome every obstacle that stands in his way by always maintaining an impeccable and respectful behavior.

Once he retires into his shell , in the safe heat of his private life, he will show all his propensity for earthly and carnal pleasures. As is normal for any Water Sign, his mood can range from calm bordering on apathy to the fury of a stormy sea.

Those who can keep these conflicting behaviors at bay will be rewarded by the guarantee of a reliable and devoted lover.

Cancer in Romance and Passion

Cancer loves to entertain themselves in the game of courtship , and are also very skilled in this field. His approach, initially courteous and delicate, soon reveals all the passionate side of this sign, and it will be very difficult to resist the charm of a person who manages to emotionally involve everyone in front of him.

The romantic charge of Cancer is completely revealed within the home , an environment in which he feels safe and where he is able to clearly express his emotions.

Physical and psychological well-being, these are the objectives that Cancer intends to achieve ; failing this he tends to retreat into his protective shell, but with the help of an attentive and reliable partner this can be avoided.

Once the Cancer has reached stability on a psychological and sentimental level, he will feel in seventh heaven , and will prove to be a protective lover and always ready to satisfy the requests of the partner.

Cancer and Relationships

Endowed with an infallible instinct , the sign of Cancer knows how to make a person fall at his feet. Once he has aimed his prey, he will use all the weapons he has at his disposal, first of all that of charm.

His natural intuition leads him to always make the right choice regarding the strategies to use to conquer the loved one , and it is very difficult that this can resist his magnetism.

Cancer desires to feel continuously reassured when engaged in a love relationship , consequently a partner attentive to every detail such as a birthday or a special occasion will certainly be able to win his heart, and will be repaid with love and total devotion.

Sometimes, to be sure of the sincerity of the lover’s feelings, Cancer assumes a provocative attitude with the intent of analyzing the partner’s reaction, for him a jealousy fit is synonymous with love.

Cancer: Love and Eros

For Cancer, sex and love go hand in hand

Cancer and Love

Probably the stage of courtship is the one that highlights the qualities of Cancer the most . Determined to bring home success at any cost, Cancer will continue to woo their loved one until the latter succumbs to their charm.

Once he has conquered his prey, he will show all his devotion and love, covering his partner with attention and always being ready and available.

His great sensitivity makes him experience all kinds of emotions in a very intense way , consequently those who can fully understand the depth of his feelings and share with him the universal joys of love are welcome.

Cancer and Sex

The sexual encounter with someone born under the sign of Cancer begins as a slow , romantic and tender dance , but once the ice is broken, the love act turns into a fiery and passionate tango.

During the sexual act, Cancer seems to release all its emotional and passionate charge , which manifests itself in the form of imaginative and always engaging performances.

His infallible intuition allows him to fully understand what his partner’s desires are , and this contributes to making him an exceptional lover.

For Cancer sex and love go hand in hand , therefore, in the same way that he seeks safety and family warmth in romantic relationships, even during sexual encounters this desire for protection is felt ; whoever manages to inspire him with a total sense of security will be able to enjoy his exceptional sexual charge.

The needs of Cancer

In the sentimental field, Cancer needs a partner who knows how to carefully evaluate every situation , who is not impulsive and who shares his propensity for family life, where he feels protected by the warmth and affection of his loved ones.

Always very secure and confident in the intimacy of his home environment, Cancer also shows some confidence when around people.

Certainly the ideal lover is the one who manages to fully understand his needs and his need for security , and who can spur him on when he tends to hole up in his protective shell.

Sharing the home space with a loving and trustworthy partner is probably Cancer’s main aspiration.

Seduction Cancer Sign

Secrets to seduce and conquer a Cancer

How to seduce him …

… Always make him feel a lively home atmosphere: excellent homemade lunches, flowers from the home garden etc.

… Focus all your attention on him, Cancer has a strong need for security on a sentimental level

… Learn to enjoy even a quiet evening at home. He will be able to show you how to fully enjoy these moments

… Try never to forget anniversaries like Valentine’s Day or the anniversary of your first meeting

… Show him your affection at any time, Cancer will know how to repay you with all the love possible

… Always be tolerant of his emotional fragility, even if his mood swings are sometimes quite irritating

… Focus on him – he needs attention – and appreciates the signs of material security.

To Avoid …

… Never make fun of him, not even for fun. He is very touchy and tends to take the joke as an offense

… Do not be influenced by his sudden mood swings, you risk falling into an emotional vortex with no way out

… Never be superficial towards family matters, your Cancer may take it as a lack of respect towards him