Aries horoscope Dear Aries, you are the first sign of the zodiac and you are always in a hurry to arrive. Impulsive, honest, courageous and sincere, you easily get inflamed by situations and people, but just as quickly you lose interest. What you’re missing? Consistency and patience!

Aries sign profile

The Fire element of Aries brings the positive “I” energy. this represents the burning urge and desire to do something! The ram is full of tensions and passions; the “I” is a symptom of a need for independence.

Aries coincides with spring, which needs to germinate in an outpouring of energy and growth. This sign has an instinctive identity, a ready extroversion, spontaneity and a very direct approach.

Fire can make you lose control. The energetic cardinal sign of Aries can become very, too stubborn; therefore we have a tumultuous spring (a stormy nature and a passion for power).

Spontaneity can become impulsive (as only a sign dominated by the energy of Mars could be!). Balance comes by adding kindness to independence and tempering the ego with self-awareness.

The sign of March: Aries

Who are you
A straightforward person, outspoken. Do everything with the heart, and if the heart remains mute, you change direction too. Basically, an independent dude who has to do everything his way. Sometimes even a bit of a brawler … But honest, sincere and willing to help with spontaneity.

How to seduce an Aries sign
With sensuality and immediacy. Usually, a person either likes you immediately or you don’t like him anymore. Usually … good to keep yourself on your toes, but not too much, otherwise you get tired and let it go. Vivacity and dynamism indispensable: you must always keep your attention awake.

How to leave an Aries sign
Routine and boredom! And a lot of emotional greyness. You live on passion and if it fades you end up fading too. However, never make yourself jealous, especially if there is still attraction: you would attack yourself even more, with a mixture of anger and not very encouraging revenge …

How do you betray
With unconsciousness. In a moment of crazy, very sensual attraction. For a look that makes you shiver as if you’ve taken an electric shock. Betray with the taste of hunting, of those who love to confirm their seductive potential through prey.

What makes you angry
The double game, the double faces, the double meanings. The lies. Cowardice. The sophistication, the brain, the smoky words. An ironic observation that puts you in the lurch. A direct attack: if you feel threatened, don’t think about it, but get off the ground like a nuclear warhead.

What do you like
The joy, the surprise, the news. The tests of courage. Love, passion, sex. The success. To be right. Stand out from others. Command. Demonstrate your leadership skills. Create, design, compose, write, paint. Live every day as if it were the last.

What bores you
The complications. Excessive intellectuality. Smoky, verbose people. Indecisions. The routine. Boredom. The lack of stimulation of a flat life where you don’t do what you want. The flatness of the flock. The greyness of conformism.

Your X Factor
Passion, which can offer you a special creativity, the ability to find alternative solutions, to open unexplored roads, to break down doors so locked that they look like walls. Your enthusiasm and creative focus may allow you to stand out.

If you were a fruit

what animal would you be
An Aries, without a doubt!

If you were a color
if I were a color

Characteristics sign Aries

Characteristics and character of the Aries zodiac sign
The Aries knows how to inspire others with enthusiasm. His whole being is impulsive and aggressive. He is always busy with new ideas. Once he’s got his new projects started, it’s easy for him to lose interest. He also confidently takes risks. Slower minds can then deal with the execution. This applies to both private and professional life. He is always full of trust in the abilities of his fellow human beings. Only when someone tries to slow him down does he become impatient.

Aries zodiac sign: typical behavior
Aries can achieve great things with their spontaneous energy. As passionately as he throws himself into all projects, he will succeed in most of them. He sees competition as something positive. He doesn’t feel pressured by it – on the contrary. He expects the same from his fellow human beings, which is not well received by more sensitive minds. When faced with resistance, he can become very impatient . After all, he knows best what is good – also for others. You can find out what the stars have in store for the zodiac sign Aries this year in his annual horoscope .

Strengths and weaknesses

  • Leadership
  • Sense of responsibility
  • enthusiasm


  • impatience
  • arrogance
  • Domination

Aries sign symbolism

All the symbols of Aries, from perfumes to stones and flowers
Aries fire sign, cardinal sign, male gender. Ruled by the Planet Mars.

Aries symbolizes the first house of the zodiac, the sign of Aries extends from degree 0 to degree 30.

Periodfrom March 21st to April 20th
ColorBright red
FeaturesInitiative and self-esteem
Day of the weekTuesday
Perfumes and essencesSandalwood and lavender
Lucky Number8
AnimalsWolf and rooster
Power stoneJasper Red

Aries Personal Profile

Positive Sides of Aries

Aries have many positive points about their character. People born under this first sign of the Zodiac are often quite strong and enthusiastic. All in all, they are far-sighted people who are not easily put off by a sudden setback. They know what they want from life and how to get it.

Aries personality is strong . People are very often impressed by the Aries way of doing. They are often a source of inspiration for others traveling on the same track as themselves. Aries, men and women , have a special taste for life which is also contagious; for others they are an example of how life should be lived.

Aries people generally have an active and lively mind. They are inventive and imaginative, yes

They enjoy keeping active and busy. They generally get along well with all kinds of people. They are interested in humanity as a whole. They love to be provoked. Some say that they get lucky from adversity, as it brings out the best in themselves when they are set against an obstacle.

Overcoming and circumventing obstacles is a challenge that generally enjoys him . He likes to keep up with what’s going on in the world. Aries are usually speed-loving people. In fact, they want things to get done quickly, and that sometimes irritates their slower colleagues or associates.

Aries, man or woman, always seems to stay young. Their approach to life is youthful and optimistic. They never talk about death, no matter how likely it is. If they have an occasional setback, it won’t last any longer than I can get over it.

Negative sides of the Aries sign

Everyone has fewer positive qualities and Aries is no exception. Sometimes the Aries, man or woman, does not have much grace in communicating with others; in his haste to get things done he is a bit numb and reckless.

Sensitive people probably consider it a sharp tongue in certain situations. Often, in the eagerness to achieve his goals, he forgets their importance. At the same time it is also too impulsive.

He can occasionally be stubborn and refuse to listen to reasons. If things don’t move quickly enough to satisfy him, Aries, male or female, are prone to becoming irritable or nervous.

The uncultivated Aries is not indifferent to moments of doubts and fears. He is capable of being destructive if things don’t go according to his way of seeing. He could overcome some of his emotional problems if he tried hard to express himself as he really is, but that takes effort!

Compatibility in friendship with Aries

Compatibility Gemini , Leo , Aquarius and Sagittarius .
Affective complexAries and Libra .
Strong attractionCancer and Capricorn .
Incompatibilities Taurus , Virgo , Scorpio and Pisces

Romantic Aries Profile

Aries: Demanding and lively, they need a partner who is, at the same time, confident, stimulating and exciting.

The Element of Fire characterizes the sign of Aries, which we could rightly describe with the word “heat”. Those born under this sign have a specific charm that comes from an energetic and lively personality.

Certainly, you never get bored in the company of an Aries. Irresistible within the role of the seducer, he has a particular propensity for relationships.

But not everyone is able to resist the erotic charge released by Aries, who want a partner who can stand up to him even in the most intimate moments.

Very often his obstinacy, which manifests itself especially when there is a goal to be achieved, turns out to be detrimental to the stability of the love relationship.

But just as often any small conflict with the partner is resolved after a night of the fire. Endowed with a bursting physicality, Aries is flirtatious, adventurous and loves to flirt.


The Aries loves to hunt and is willing to do anything to capture its prey. During the hunt he will continually ask himself if the desired person deserves all his attention.

When all doubts have disappeared from his mind, he will stop at nothing, especially if he understands that the prey has a passionate nature like his. All of this makes things more exciting and prolongs the hunt.

Aries is undoubtedly very seductive and it is very difficult to resist him. The more he is involved in love, the greater his seductive power. Very often it starts with being mentally attracted to Aries, and then being completely conquered by such a fascinating personality.

When things start going right, be very careful as Aries is very demanding, loves to be pampered, and needs to feel flattered.


The demanding and lively Aries needs a partner who is, at the same time, confident, stimulating and exciting. Furthermore, his self-centeredness requires the presence of a person by his side who knows when it is time to grant him the freedom he feels so badly needed.

The partner must learn to control the mood swings that the lover sometimes manifests.

The Aries will carry on the relationship as long as the passion that binds him to the partner is alive, but when the latter goes out, he will not hesitate to end the relationship.

The ideal lover is the one (or she) who manages to stimulate him continuously.

Aries Love and Eros

Aries needs a partner who can fully satisfy him sexually


In the love field, Aries is constantly on the move, always looking for someone or something that can stimulate their passionate nature.

Surrounded by such an intense and captivating aura, it can be almost impossible to resist its charm. After all, what Aries most ardently desires is precisely to be able to continually put themselves into play on a sentimental level.

Whether things go well or not, it will certainly be very exciting to be confronted in a loving relationship with those born under this sign.

However, the Aries will show its best side when it falls deeply in love: its sensual charge will be almost irresistible, and also all its sensitivity and humanity will come out.

The relationship will take the right path when the Aries manages to understand the beauty of being able to share every aspect of existence with the person at his side.


On a sexual level, the behavior of the Aries is similar to that of a tiger: a predator with a proud and elegant bearing, he throws himself headlong towards his prey.

A vigorous and carnal lover, Aries is endowed with unlimited stamina. Constantly looking for new experiences that can satisfy her sexual desire, her erotic charge seems to have no limits.

In order for his passion to keep alive, Aries needs a partner who can fully satisfy him sexually.

The leading actor during the sexual act, he still needs to feel connected to his partner not only on an erotic level but also on an intellectual level.

In addition to being very demanding from a sexual point of view, Aries also feels the necessity to feel protected and reassured during the love act, especially when the steadiness of the relationship is undermined by jealousy.


Generally, the Aries does not need any particular stratagems that help him to stand out in the world around him.

However, it is absolutely necessary that the person at his side is lively, unscrupulous, and stimulating both physically and intellectually.

So those born under this sign must learn not to let those people who are able to make them feel at ease escape. Furthermore, Aries needs a person who is accommodating and tenacious at the same time, capable of controlling his stubbornness, which manifests itself whenever a small disagreement arises.

The sexual aspect is very important for this sign, and the ideal partner from this point of view is the one who manages to keep up with him both during foreplay and during the actual act.

Ultimately the Aries is lively, energetic and full of passion, loves love adventures and is a master during the courtship phase. Only those who manage not to be overwhelmed by this explosion of passion and eroticism will be rewarded by a sincere and always available partner.