Aries Horoscope Today 30 January 2021 Saturday

What does the day bring you? Find out in the Aries Horoscope Today 30 January 2021 Saturday. find the daily horoscope for Love, Health, money and profession.

Mercury retrograde


Today Mercury is going backwards. Those who have to work will definitely feel it, because misunderstandings could creep in, e.g. B. with customers.


The day is ideal for sorting paperwork and folders. Maybe bake cakes in the late afternoon.


You enjoy the tranquility.

Aries Horoscope Today 30 January 2021 Saturday

Luna works hard even on Saturdays, not necessarily for work shifts, you can also work at home, doing great cleaning or tidying up the library, or working on yourself, your emotions, your dreams. It is no coincidence that you find support in the sextile at play between Pluto and Uranus and Neptune as a mediator, which combine logic and intuition. And with that you will put both brain hemispheres to work, tuning them.

Aries Love Horoscope Today

Love and eros: nothing special on this front, if you have a little sin to be forgiven, bring a flower or a gift to your partner will come spontaneously. But beware: he or she accustomed to your “pranks” will immediately eat the leaf!

Aries Work and money Horoscope Today

Work and money : for the moment only in the planning phase, but you are thinking about how and how much to reinvest the earnings in materials and tools to improve the quality of work and further increase the turnover. What worries you most is the loss of customers, which in the meantime may have turned to the competition, so when it starts again without time limits and restrictions you will have to be ready more aggressive than ever.

Aries Wellness Horoscope Today

Wellness: focus on wellness, something that rarely happens to you. Usually your mind is focused on other interests and the physique arranges itself as best it can. Today, however, pay attention to what you put on your plate, paying attention to the combinations and the origin of the food, strictly organic. Pay attention also to the quantities, but the fact that you choose organic does not justify rations worthy of an elephant!

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