Aquarius Horoscope


Aquarius Horoscope

Aquarius, from January 21st to February 19th

It has been called the sign of magnanimity as many of those born under the sign of Aquarius dedicate their lives to deep ideals, undertake great missions and promote humanitarian actions in general.

The dominant planet, Saturn, influences those born under this sign by giving them a sort of reticence or natural prudence that facilitates them in completing projects in a definitive and surprising way. Saturn also influences them on an intellectual level and provides them with useful memories for their existence.

Mainly, those born under this sign are simple and reserved people. They learn very quickly what they are taught, and show a friendly and sincere attitude, which makes them popular in the outside world.

Often the Aquarius prefers to be alone but not because they are strange people. Loneliness for them is a moment of concentration to give birth to new ideas and to make important decisions. In addition, they do most of their work in moments of solitude. All those who will be able to develop the honesty and kindness typical of this sign will achieve great goals.

Aquarius Sign Profile

Ruled by the amazing Planet Uranus, Aquarius is an element of Air that perfectly embodies its ruling planet. He has great communication and intellectual skills.

Aquarius may be a rude individualist, a mad scientist and an eccentric loner, but this creative personality is also endowed with a high consciousness of social collaboration. The nickname “Altruist of the Zodiac” is more than suitable! To be a Fixed Sign, Aquarius has a strong sense of adaptation, mainly attributable to their need to provide for the needs of others. Enthusiastic and with a strong passion for novelty and for every type of innovation, the Aquarius has many interests!

However, he can become an unstable person when his certainties are lacking, or when he loses the will to listen to others. Aquarius may try to do many new things without succeeding in any. This can help stifle its full potential. By slowing down the pace for the amount of time it takes to build a solid foundation, Aquarius can manage their energy better.

His receptive abilities help to mitigate his rebellious tendencies , especially when a dispute arises with his superiors. Thanks to its energy, with an extremely original character, it seems that the Aquarius lives in a future dimension.

The January Sign: Aquarius

A rebel, stubborn and dreamer.

Who are you

Artist of life, which always remains your best school. A thug in a suit and tie or a gentleman in jeans and sneakers. A tough one that goes on its way, but romantic at heart. An idealist convinced that the world can and should be better.

How to seduce Aquarius

Before winning your heart, you should grab your mind. Hit you with originality, irony, with something unusual. And to give you the coup de grace, the essential thing is to leave you your independence. Cherry on the cake? Warm and imaginative Eros.

How to leave Aquarius

Putting you in a hurry. Overwhelm yourself with attention. Choke on jealousy, requests, obligations, rules. Get caught up in duties and routines. A strategy that will leave you no way out because you will be the one yourself, in the end, looking for the escape route to freedom!

How do you betray

With joy. With pleasure. Unconsciously, perhaps, because for you exploring the infinite world of emotions and human connections is a vocation. A method of knowledge, if you like, more than a betrayal. However, you know your partner wouldn’t like it, so you secretly cheat.

What makes Aquarius angry

The arrogance towards the weakest. The malice towards animals, nature. The stupidity. The arrogance. Arrivism. Materialism. The industry of habits, a society in which everyone must be equal and in which there is no room for diversity.

What do Aquarius like

Chatting, reflecting, meditating, creating, organizing, fighting for an ideal, engaging in a project, collaborating, making friends, meeting people, situations, different worlds. The variety, the unexpected, the unexpected, the surprise, the creativity, the originality.

What bores Aquarius

The routine. Do the same thing every day. To think that tomorrow you will do the same thing as today. The phrases made. I say it. Or you do it like this because everyone does it like that. Habits. The mental laziness of someone who accepts something without going to the bottom. Prejudices: which, perhaps, more than boring, you really hate.

Aquarius X Factor

The ability to see beyond, to imagine a different future, which makes you so original and inspired. A dreamer who sees an avant-garde city in a wasteland. Or that in an eggplant sees the parmigiana. Or in a difficulty a new opportunity.

If Aquarius were a fruit

Lychee, or desert cherry

If Aquarius were an animal you would be

A Unicorn.

If Aquarius were a color

Electric blue.

If Aquarius were a recipe


Aquarius characteristics

It is the eleventh sign of the Zodiac , and anyone born under this sign is a worthy representative of the Age of Aquarius. He has the social consciousness necessary to transport us into the new millennium. He is selfless, generous and committed to making the world a better place.

His greatest desire is to see man’s living conditions improved , which is why he focuses his attention on social institutions and their functioning (or non-functioning). He is visionary and innovative, he loves to spend his time trying to figure out how to make things better. He is also very good at involving others in his projects, which is why he has a multitude of friends and acquaintances.

Aquarius is convinced that improving the world is a process that involves collaboration between all people. The sign of Aquarius is represented by the woman carrying the water. In the same way that the “woman” (symbol with which the Aquarius is depicted) carries the precious liquid as a divine gift, the Aquarius fills the world with her thoughts and ideas. Fortunately for Aquarius (and for us too), he is almost a genius, and is therefore capable of producing fantastic things. His thought process is original and innovative.

If the Aquarius feels happy every time he is able to propose a new solution or idea, he is even happier when he is in agreement with the people around him. Those who oppose his proposals will quickly understand that Aquarius can be impatient and even short-tempered. He remains firm on his positions, in accordance with the typical qualities of the sign. Although we have said that Aquarius is very generous , it should also be emphasized that often this giving is limited to very specific conditions dictated by his need to be peaceful.

Generally this means needing more or less large spaces, as he loves to feel free and feels the need to move continuously (he loves to travel). If the Aquarius is selfless and sensitive , it is also true that he is more inclined towards generosity when things go in a certain way, his own. Some may think that his behavior is quite eccentric, but if Aquarius sincerity of soul is taken into account , some oddities can even be forgiven. In their own way, Aquarius places great value on their friends or family, and always wants to give their best.

Aquarius is dominated by the planets Saturn and Uranus. At the time of ancient Rome, Saturn was considered the father of many deities. Uranus is the most ancient of the deities of Roman mythology; this planet was discovered much later than Saturn and has only recently been assigned to the sign of Aquarius. The union between these two planets generates a lively and stimulating force. The typical strength of Saturn is that of the severe teacher, from which the Aquarius desire to propose his ideas to others derives.

He also tends to think that his opinion is the right one! It is the Planet Uranus that inspires the visionary spirit of Aquarius. Aquarius is attracted to everything new, radical and revolutionary. The fact that Aquarius is so creative and innovativein his thoughts it represents a great advantage for him. He deals with progress and technology – he loves all the latest gadgets, computers and next generation technology. Thanks to a genius that sometimes borders on madness, the Aquarius has the rare ability to propose ideas capable of revolutionizing the world . His way of working can appear quite unpredictable, detached and at times abrupt. The element associated with this sign is Air, free like the spirit of the intellectual.

Aquarius will achieve many goals thanks to its great intelligence , developing revolutionary ideas for the good of humanity. He is also very creative on an artistic level, selfless and determined to make a difference in any situation. In sports, the Aquarius likes to surround himself with many people, preferably friends or family; however, if he doesn’t know the other “players”, it won’t take long to get to know them! Aquarius prefers sports such as baseball or tennis, although a lively water polo match could also be challenging. He loves colors that are reminiscent of water tones, such as quicksilver or aqua blue.

Even in matters of love, Aquarius will show its exuberance, even going so far as to be provocative. While playing the part of the ultra protective one towards his partner, he is the exact opposite of the jealous type. Its best qualities are creativity, selflessness and intelligence. He is determined to make the world a better place and to provide relief to all who need it. He is the innovator of the Zodiac .

Aquairus sign symbolism

All the symbols of Aquarius, from perfumes to stones and flowers

Aquarius air sign , Fixed male gender . Ruled by the planets Uranus and Saturn .

Aquarius symbolizes the eleventh house of the zodiac , ranging from grade 300 to grade 330 .

Period:from January 21st to February 19th
Planet:Uranus and Saturn
Characteristics:Selfless, communicative
Day of the week:Saturday
Perfumes and essences:the scents of citrus fruits
Lucky Number:7
Power stone:Amethyst

Aquarius person

Positive and negative aspects of Aquarius

The positives of Aquarius

Aquarius, whether man or woman, are usually very honest and sincere. These are its distinctive qualities. It generally has quite high standards. You can always count on it. His every word is a promise.

Aquarius is, in all likelihood, the most tolerant sign in the entire Zodiac. Respect the beliefs of others and think that everyone has the right to act in their own way.

He would never do anything to hurt the feelings of others. He is never a hostile or vindictive person. Selfless on any occasion, Aquarius is always ready to help those in trouble. He feels strongly connected to the whole human race.

Aquarius is almost always a singular person. He doesn’t believe in the power of the masses, and prefers to do things his way. His opinion about life and mankind has a very innovative character. He is said to be 50 years ahead of the others.

He is very open-minded. The Aquariushas a keen interest in the various problems that plague mankind. He is committed to helping anyone, of any race or religion. He is truly a selfless person. He loves putting himself at the service of others.

Generous, selfless and unprejudiced, Aquarius has no problem getting to know others.

The downsides of Aquarius

Aquarius can get too idealistic. He always has many ideas, but he rarely puts them into action. Sometimes it appears quite irrational. He often gets carried away by his imagination. Since his plans are often impracticable, he almost always finds himself in indecision.

Other people may not approve of his behavior which sometimes appears bizarre. Aquarius can present themselves as an eccentric person. Sometimes he is so caught up in his thoughts that he loses touch with reality.

Some of them feel smarter and more cunning than others. They rarely admit their mistake, even when it is obvious. Some push their way of seeing things to the point of fanaticism. Sometimes their criticisms of others are just negative and destructive.

Friendly Profile Aquarius

Aquarius, how are you in friendship?

Aquarius dominates the eleventh house of the Zodiac , that of friendship, so it’s no wonder that he appears to be everyone’s friend . However, this fact is disproved as soon as you get to know him better. Although he has many acquaintances, Aquarius rarely let anyone get to know him deeply.

When his feelings are at stake he becomes inaccessible. Either way, Aquarius never misses an opportunity to cheer up those who are down in the dumps; he doesn’t do it to try to buy friendship.

He is very generous and is genuinely happy to be of help to those in need. Never be too clingy with him.

If Aquarius feels that their freedom is threatened or if they feel secluded, they will walk away without thinking twice. He has an adventurous spirit. Try to be open-minded and he will give you exciting moments.

The perfect friend for Aquarius is one with whom he can make contact on an intellectual level. If you give him his space, during a lively conversation, he will be your friend forever.

Best friends: Sagittarius , Aries .

Compatibility in friendship with Aquarius.

Related:Aries , Gemini , Libra , Sagittarius .
Difficult relationship:Leo , Aquarius .
Strange attraction:Taurus , Scorpio
Incompatible:Capricorn , Cancer , Virgo , Pisces .

Romantic Aquarius Profile

Aquarius likes to cause pleasure in their partner

Aquarius turns out to be an extremely romantic, tender and generous lover, who knows how to recognize the value of a couple’s life and the importance of a shared feeling . An independent soul, the Aquarius is an inexhaustible source of ideas, which stands out for its ability to adapt to any situation, and for its altruism.

He feels attracted to people who manage to express uncontrolled passions, and to those who share his humanitarian spirit. An instinctive person, who knows how to go beyond the surface of things and who knows how to keep up with the times, would certainly impress.

Aquarius is attractive and often has a provocative attitude; he feels comfortable with friends, but he also knows how to appreciate the pleasures of life as a couple .

Aquarius: Romance and Passion

Aquarius rules the eleventh astrological house, the “House of Friendship”, consequently it is evident that most of his conquests in the love field are realized within his group of friends. Whenever the Aquarius feels attraction to someone, he will try to conquer the object of his desires with an unusual and always original courtship.

From this point of view, the creativity of Aquarius seems to have no limits; his mind comes to conceive more and more seductive love games. Even the simple visit of a museum is an event that the Aquarium manages to make captivating, thanks above all to the vast culture that adds charm to its person.

The ideal partner is the one (or she) who manages to appreciate his eccentric character . Moreover, whoever reveals himself able to penetrate his intimacy, will have the key to his heart, and the passion that will lead to this love will be overwhelming.

Aquarius and Relationships

Aquarius, in general, is very active from the relational point of view; in constant search of perfection , in life as well as in love, this sign has a very eventful love life. He loves to induce pleasure in his partner, an aspect in tune with his altruistic nature. Plus the commitment she continually demonstrates to maintain peace and harmony within the relationship turns out to be a real blessing for her lover.

Progressive, nonconformist, fascinated: these are the requisites that one must possess in order to breach the heart of Aquarius; moreover, the picture is perfect if these qualities are added to respect for his vital need for freedom.

Aquarius needs a person who can help them express their intimacy, a mass of emotions and feelings just waiting to be released. Ultimately, the ideal partner is an intelligent and at the same time sensitive person.

Aquarius: Love and Eros

Aquarius tends to conceive of sex in a practical and rational way.

Aquarius and Love

The Aquarius has a systematic and intellectual approach to life, and his attitude does not change even in the sentimental field. The love affair is experienced as a fun and exciting experience at the same time.

During the courtship phase, the Aquarius is ready to do anything to conquer the object of his desires, moreover, the greater the involvement of the loved one, the more intense his passion will reveal itself. Instead, a lover who doesn’t get involved in his love game could make him cold and distant.

From the point of view of love, the biggest problems Aquarius encounters them on an intimate level, one of the fundamental aspects of the sentimental sphere: without intimacy the love feeling is incomplete, consequently the Aquarius must find the suitable psychological dimension to express his deeper emotions.

Having reached this milestone, the Aquarius can reach the sky, and can make it touch the partner .

Aquarius and sex

Like all Air Signs, Aquarius tends to conceive of sex in a practical and rational way. Sincerity and complicity are fundamental characteristics for the success of the love relationship, and the sexual sphere will certainly not gain.
Furthermore, the natural curiosity of which he is endowed will lead this sign to experience increasingly exciting situations from a sexual point of view.

There is always a mysterious aura around the Aquarius, the person who manages to fulfill his innermost desires will unleash his enormous sexual potential. Furthermore, whoever proves to be able to make him understand the real value behind the concept of pleasure will be repaid in a more than exhaustive way.

The needs of the Aquarius

In most cases the Aquarius thinks that their way of thinking is the best possible, so it is not surprising that their attention is mainly drawn to people who possess the same character.

Altruism and social commitment are distinctive components of the Aquarius, consequently a companion who knows how to support and encourage him also from this point of view, represents the right reward for his determination and his common sense.

An intelligent and open-minded lover, ready to explore the unknown , could further stimulate him and push him towards ever more important results. A warm and reliable person would be the ideal partner with whom to share the various experiences of life.

Aquarius is a quirky and original lover, attractive and capable of stirring a crowd and drawing energy from just partner presence. His qualities are amplified if there is a stimulating and devoted person at his side.

Seduction Aquarius Sign

Secrets to seduce and conquer an Aquarius

How to seduce him …

… get prepared for endless discussions. The Aquarius has its own judgment for each type of topic and will be able to intrigue you thanks to its intelligence

… surprise him with sophisticated and unusual gifts. The Aquarius loves surprises, the more original they are, the greater his gratitude will be, give him a carnivorous plant, a three-dimensional poster, or a hand-knitted shirt from Guatemala.

… especially in the early stages of the relationship, don’t be too demanding from a sentimental point of view. Aquarius generally appear cold and detached, and they need freedom to express themselves at their best.

… show your lover that you appreciate his selflessness. Trying, as much as possible, to make the world a better place is one of his obsessions:
establish mental contact before physical contact. The aquarium will win you over with its undoubted intellectual gifts

… Always be available and discuss any topic. Your Aquarius will always have something to say in any kind of discussion, and will be able to amaze and enchant you thanks to their eclectic mind.

… At least in the beginning, try to maintain a certain detachment on an emotional level. Aquarius are often very aloof and need space to feel happy.

… Appreciate your Aquarius devotion to high ideals and right causes. He will be able to show you the importance of a better world.

 get in touch first with your Aquarius mind and only then with their body. He will be able to captivate you on an intellectual level and fascinate you deeply.

To Avoid …

… don’t be too fiscal, if you demand punctuality or absolute devotion, a disappointment awaits you. Aquarius is very impulsive and tends to have a vision of things that sometimes does not respect the common canons of behavior.

… don’t try to make him change his mind even if you don’t approve of his decisions. Aquarius has a very particular conception regarding the world, and the role of man on earth.

… don’t try to seduce him when his mind is busy with an important project. The Aquarius may decline the invitation, or just not notice your advances.

… never make jokes about her dress. Aquarius must always stand out, therefore they love to dress differently than others.