Aquarius Horoscope Today 31 March 2021 Wednesday

Aquarius Horoscope Today Wednesday - horoscope today

What does the day bring you? Find out in the Aquarius Horoscope Today 31 March 2021 Wednesday. find the daily horoscope for Love, Health, money and profession.

Not easy


The moon is in Scorpio. This is not easy. Dealing with people is more complicated than usual. But you open your big heart and approach others.


You will find diplomatic words and thus save any tricky situation. Great!


Even in the evenings, some people are just, well, bitchy. Take it easy.

Aquarius Horoscope Today 31 March 2021 Wednesday

A Wednesday to be filed in the file of bad days, under fire from the Moon in quadrature with your tenants Jupiter and Saturn, in turn in open conflict with the guiding star Uranus, a real blackout. Last but not least, the authoritarianism of Pluto in the twelfth house, where it does not fall off even one millimeter: heaviness around and within you, nervousness beyond the guard level. Ah, if you only opened the door to your heart, you could see the pink light of the Venus and the Sun in sextile, inviting you out for a walk (with a mask, though!).

Aquarius Love Horoscope Today

Love and eros : lightning and thunderbolts on the roof of your house, in the family it’s all a mess and it’s not a play on words or even a rhyme, but a fact. Everyone screams at the top of their lungs to have their say, but you, stirred up by Mars, scream twice as much, so at the end of a long fight you win the game, much to the delight of the neighbors, who after this performance will know all your business.

Aquarius Work and money Horoscope Today

Work and money : even at a distance from the role of boss you do not break free, you are rampant but also authoritarian and if others do not follow your orders to the letter, you immediately go into a rage. If you play the role of the boss in all respects you would be justified, but since this is not the case, you throw at yourself the discontent of all your colleagues, who treat you as snooty, full of airs. Indeed, the optimal work for you takes place in solitude, you as your own boss, with the freedom of decisive choices, whether lucky or disastrous will be your skills to decide.

Aquarius Wellness Horoscope Today

Well-being : migraines, nervousness, back pain, in practice you feel like an emergency room, but a good sleep will suffice and tomorrow morning at dawn you will already be fine. Rose quartz calming stone, hold it in the palm of your hand passing it all over your body, then before going to sleep place it on the bedside table… it works!

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