Aquarius and Aries Compatibility: Do the zodiac signs match?

Aquarius and Aries Compatibility_ Do the zodiac signs match - horoscope today

Aquarius and Aries Compatibility – How does a relationship develop from it?

Aquarius and Aries have a fairytale beginning. Read here what the partner horoscope still reveals about Aquarius and Aries Compatibility.

When two such extroverted people meet, they get along well straight away. Because they can go out together and party until sunrise. And then have breakfast together in the early hours and amuse yourself about the previous night. The “Aquarius & Aries” partner horoscope tells you even more.

Despite his open-mindedness and spontaneity, Aquarius needs freedom. His credo – don’t be average! That is why he knows how to take special care of his individuality. Aquarius is not self-centered, but very in tune with himself. His numerous acquaintances and friends already shape him. But they do not make him off, says the partner horoscope “Aquarius & Aries”. This view can partially carry over to the relationship.

But Aquarius is not distant. Sometimes he needs a few quiet hours to himself. But that doesn’t mean warning signs for a love affair! Aquarius is loyal. Secret love affairs are just not his thing. That would be too much for his already full life. He also likes to think and draw on his impressive reserves of imagination. That enriches him both professionally and privately.

The Aries is a fire sign. Extremely passionate and energetic, love and sex come first with him. You will experience a lot with him! Basically he is the ideal partner for you as an air sign. Because air and fire complement each other perfectly.

It’s good when it sparks and sprays. But the question is: can you cope with everyday life together? Because after a while, reality creeps into the relationship. Both fear the question: Do we still love each other if we are not constantly on cloud nine? Talk about it openly, advises the partner horoscope “Aquarius & Aries”. If you survive this phase, a fulfilling depth of soul in the relationship is guaranteed.

Partner horoscope “Aquarius and Aries Compatibility” – your personal secret of love:

No enduring euphoria does not mean an end – do not be afraid of everyday life.

Both signs love freedom and independence. The Aries because he doesn’t want to think about a thousand things before acting. Aquarius, because he does not want to lose his personal character.

Both signs are quite enterprising. May the ideas of Aquarius inspire Aries and inspire them to act. The power of Aries in turn stimulates Aquarius. It can be a very exciting and lively partnership.

Since Aries sometimes exaggerates and Aquarius sometimes strives for ideals that are too high, it can also be that the two partners repeatedly incite each other to actions that lack reality and prudence in a strange way. Still, this connection is mostly permanent because you let each other make it, and that’s what is especially important for both of you.

Character properties of partners

Aquarius in a partnership

Aquarius is an individualist, a witty entertainer, often with wit and charm, but he always needs freedom and independence. He is actually a bit cool nature, but has great psychological understanding.

Due to strong peculiarities, he can feel lonely at times. Aquarius is more prone to kindness and friendship than passionate love. In any case, sexuality does not play THE crucial role. Narrowing is answered with separation.

Aquarius distances himself from the general, is for equality, emancipation and innovation. He always preserves his personal character, because the free and unconstrained feeling of personality must not be violated. Aquarius is the sign of covenants and friendships, and important: there should be no coercion between friends. Friends help shape the fate of Aquarius, so they have to choose the right friends.

The Aquarian woman

The Aquarian woman has a modern attitude, also unconventional in fashion. Often they are very relaxed natures who spread happiness. The partner has to appreciate his own circle of friends. This assumes the Aquarian woman, because her individuality is very important to her and she therefore also needs a certain freedom.

The Aquarius man

The male Aquarius often fascinates women due to his carefree and funny manner. First, however, the friendly framework is in the foreground, because Aquarius does not give up his freedom and self-determination so quickly. But once he has made up his mind, everything goes very quickly. He will never choose a spider monkey because he too needs a lot of freedom and self-determination.

Aries in a partnership

As a self-centered person, Aries collects and evaluates his experiences based on personal benefit. He needs the environment in order to be able to reflect himself and to assert himself. Aries can neglect their relationships and their origins, because they do not like to burden themselves with problems.

The freedom orientation of Aries does not fit the “fetter” of marriage. Such duties are quickly perceived as a nuisance. Rather, the Aries seeks the friendly circle. But a serious relationship usually proves to be more lasting than expected.

In eroticism, the Aries tries to increase his self-esteem through every conquest. He is passionate about love and often very direct in advertising. His expressions of feeling are simple, direct and chivalrous. He is usually very adventurous and can also be quite funny. But if you make jokes with him, he can get irritable and quick-tempered quite quickly.

The Aries woman

The Aries woman is open-minded and emancipated. For her, it goes without saying that she has to take action in order to be successful. It is seldom a family mother, because they prefer to cope with the world outside. You are open and interested in the opposite sex. They do not enter into firm ties until they have gained experience.

The Aries man

He is right in the expression of his feelings and desires. If a beauty catches his eye, he will immediately approach and speak to her. He wants instant success, and any woman will instantly know if an Aries is into her. But for many this happens too quickly and he would do well to let some romance through.

Aries man and Aquarius woman in the partner horoscope

The more self-centered Aries man should get along quite well with the Aquarius woman. Because although she has her sometimes eccentric peculiarities, her circle of friends and freedom are particularly dear. That suits him well and it won’t be particularly difficult for him to accept her circle of friends.

Conversely, it should certainly not be particularly difficult for the Aquarius woman to accept the Aries man’s sometimes impetuous advance. She almost always acts unconventionally. Therefore, it will not deter you that he communicates his feelings directly and likes to storm the relationship with passion.

Aries woman and Aquarius man in love horoscope

In love, Aries woman and Aquarius man complement each other in a wonderful way. First of all, it is important to both of them to create a friendly basis from which more can grow. The Aquarius-born manages in no time to impress the Aries-born with his charm and wit.

Since the Aries woman is very self-confident and self-willed about her freedom, it should be exactly the right partner for the Aquarius man. Because he disgusts spider monkeys and he needs a partner at eye level.

The zodiac signs Aquarius and Aries Compatibility in the relationship

There is probably only one small downer in the relationship between Aries and Aquarius. Because the passionate Aries-born loves hot-blooded and likes dissolute sex. However, this is not always so important to the Aquarian-born. However, he likes to get involved in a passionate love affair if he doesn’t feel constricted.

In general, however, the love relationship between the two zodiac signs will be very lasting and harmonious. Because they are both very enterprising and full of great ideas that they can incorporate into their everyday lives. They complement each other completely, because they both manage to be inspired again and again and to tackle common goals.

The zodiac signs Aquarius and Aries Compatibility in friendship

With their very charismatic traits, Aries and Aquarius are really good friends in a friendly relationship with each other. Because it combines the desire to experience and undertake new things as well as many creative ideas. Since friendship is very important to both zodiac signs, they will complement each other wonderfully here as well.

Although Aquarius is considered more of a cool nature, he gets along very well with an Aries friend. But also on the level of friendship it is important for both zodiac signs that they do not have to feel constricted. It is probably because of this informality that things work so well with them.

A very, perhaps too much, independent couple

The couple formed by Aquarius or Aries is not an ordinary couple . On the emotional level, they will form a solid and indissoluble relationship of friendship. At work, they will form a winning duo: the innovative and forward-looking Aquarius , and the more pragmatic and realistic Aries.

A badly matched couple but not for this little united

Love affinity :

Risk : friends rather than lovers

Strength : resistance to time

Tip : find common ground

Aquarius and Aries Compatibility: the secret to a long-lived relationship

If the Aries manages to put aside his jealousy for an Aquarius, who often and willingly gets involved in ambiguous situations, he will be able to find a good balance as a couple. Aquarius, with their proverbial optimism , will be able to find a way to relate to the dominant and decisive Aries. It is for this reason that this unusual couple could easily find a stable and lasting common ground.

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