4 Zodiac signs that spend the most money

Short trips, luxury items or an evening in the chicest restaurant in town? Some zodiac signs are particularly good at spending a lot of money, and they have a variety of motivations. These are the zodiac signs that do not live frugally!

Especially when the new salary is there and you have the feeling that you could buy the world for yourself, it is usually gone very quickly. Then we often order food or go shopping and buy a new jacket – and because one is not enough, the second is also happy to do so. Spending money is pretty easy. And some zodiac signs are particularly prone to it – but which ones are they?

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These zodiac signs are not exactly frugal


With them it is not even that they spend the money themselves: Pisces are unspeakably generous zodiac signs! When friends ask for financial support, they are the first to provide it in a good-natured way and that can make them run short of money themselves. But also indulging in the evening in bar makes this zodiac sign one of the biggest “money consumers”.


“Where there’s a will, there’s a way”: that’s Aries’ motto. If he sees something he really wants, then he’ll buy it. Without a lot of contradiction and sometimes without thinking a second time about how useful the purchase actually is. Nevertheless, Aries comes over and over again, which makes him one of the least economical zodiac signs.


Having money is the alpha and omega of life for Leo – giving it away as well. For him it is part of the good manners to go out to dinner in luxury and give expensive gifts to friends. Leos are lavish zodiac signs and are therefore really good at spending money!


The twin has not yet discovered really saving for itself. Salary in the account: Live like a king! He likes to wonder why the money is gone from halfway through the month – but two weekend trips richer! For the twin, it is not necessarily the material things that count, but the experience that lies behind it. But it doesn’t change the fact that this zodiac sign is constantly out of money.

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